What Is Hosted?

Hosted telephony is a virtual or cloud based phone system with all calls made over the internet. It has all the features of your traditional phone system but with a stack of additional benefits.

Calls are based and received over a broadband connection making the calls cheap, and ensuring voice clarity at all times.

Each user on your system, regardless of their location, can be managed easily through an easy to use online interface. All control and administration is done through the web, removing the need for an in expensive in house or external support team.

Feature Rich Hosted Solutions

Our hosted telephony is efficient, flexible and secure. Our packages are available with a complete range of features and optional upgrades.

Ensure you and your employees maximise productivity

Last Number Redial – Easy and convenient redialling
Call Rejection – Remove any unwanted calls
Do Not Disturb – Show your colleagues you are unavailable
Contact Directory – Store up to 100 speed dials
Call Recording – Perfect for staff training and compliance

Introduce seamless communication and collaboration in your office and across different sites.

Hunt Groups – Distribute calls across your team
Call Transfer – Transfer calls to any internal line or external number
Call Park – Place a call on hold and pick it up on another phone
Group Call – Efficient internal communication

Work from anywhere and transform the way you handle calls

Call Forwarding – Divert incoming calls to the correct department
Home Worker – Transfer your profile and settings to a home office
Voicemail Services – Listen and store your messages on your desktop or forward them to your colleagues
Email Call Notifications – Never miss an important call when you’re unavailable.
Hot Desking – Transfer your settings to any handset in your company
Remote Office – Receive calls on any phone regardless of location

Add extra security features and accurately track calls made and received.

Call History – Accurately track all calls whether made, received or missed
Call Barring – Block unwanted calls
Authorisation Codes – Add a numbered code to access each handset

Move up to a whole new level of customer service

Call Waiting – Ensure you’re prepared for your next call
Music on Hold – Add messages and special offers
Auto Attendant – Add menu options for efficient call routing
CLI Flexibility – Change the number you call out from

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hosted telephony

How it works

Hosted telephony removes the need for a technical on-site telephone system. Your calls are accessed via your internet connection, and internal communications sent over an local area network within your organisation.

All call features and routing plans are instantly accessible via an easy to use web portal and mobile app.

Take control of your communications

The Horizon web and mobile platform provides users with complete control of their call set-up and routing plans. Seamless updates ensure efficient call handling and boosts productivity levels. The online dashboard gives you convenient access to information such as your call history, voicemail services and recorded calls.

horizon web portal

horizon web portal

horizon web portal


Flexible, feature rich and low cost telephone systems.

Core will conduct a full and free review of your current business telephone services, creating a bespoke proposal based on the current and future needs of your business. We will highlight areas of improvement and lower your call costs. Also within the review why not request an analysis of your current line rental and call costs?

What sets us apart from the competition is our reliable service, alongside our expert and dedicated team. When working with Core, you will be allocated a dedicated account manager who will work to understand your business and provide personalised support.


The perfect solution for any sized business

Why Choose Core Telecom?

Why Hosted?

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Make instant changes and additions
  • Free calls between different offices
  • Manage your setup in house
  • Great voice quality
  • Implement disaster recovery procedures
  • Enable flexible working for your staff